‘I hired Timothy Cobbold Painters and Decorators to paint the inside of my house - a job undertook whilst I was still living there. There wasn’t a moment during the project that they weren't professional, courteous and helpful. From choosing colour schemes and paint brands to helping me plan the moving of the furniture, Tim and his team were a pleasure to work with and I'd recommend them to anyone. Furthermore the paint job was impeccable and was carried out efficiently and precisely according to the pre-agreed time plan’.

Felix - London, W10

'Tim and his team were charming, thorough and efficient. They did a brilliant job. Ever since they left, we’ve been looking for reasons to get them back again.'

Becky - London, W12

'The Timothy Cobbold team have been amazing. Not only is the work they've done of the highest calibre but the guys have been so nice. Painting and decorating is often at the end of a long build project when the family is tired and emotionally stretched. To have a team that are so polite, tidy and generally considerate is a rare and incredible thing. It makes all the difference.'

Guy - London, W4